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We provide for our customers top quality new and part worn tyres at competitive prices.

Lockwood Tyres is located near the city centre of Huddersfield, Lockwood. Being specialists in new & part worn tyres, we are free to offer our customers free advice on a completely open choice of tyres from economy tyres to leading brands.

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Why it is essential to have the tracking regularly checked

Check balance

Unbalanced wheels will affect the comfort of your ride! They lead to premature wear of many vehicle components

Unbalanced wheels may not be noticed by the driver because modern suspension systems are very efficient at dampening out vibration. This is why any vibration felt by the driver or the floor could be an indication that one or more of your wheels need balancing

Check alignment

Misalignment will effect the handling and safety of your vehicle. It will also lead to uneven tyre wear

You will almost certainly not detect it, but a small amount of miss alignment (1mm) means your tyre is being forced sideways approximately 1 metre every mile you travel